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What to Do Before Going Out on Your Backpacking Or Camping Trip

Backpacking, camping (backpacking light forum), and hiking are activities that many people who love the outdoors do on a regular basis. These activities can be fun, but there are also many safety concerns because anything can happen while out in the woods away from society. There are some things that you need to do before going out on your next trip to ensure that you will be safe.
The biggest mistake that most people make when going out on a trip like this is not letting someone else know where they are going to be going. Most people tell others about the general region they will be camping or backpacking in, but rarely do they leave someone with a detailed list of the potential paths and camping locations that you will be in from day to day.
The reason that giving your detailed itinerary to someone is important is because if you do get lost, rescuers will have a general idea of where you would be. Of course you will want to be found and this gives you a better chance of being found if something happens. While you might think that you will be fine, something as simple as a broken ankle can cause you serious problems.
Be sure to properly pack your survival gear. Different people argue over what is actually needed in something like this. Figure out what you think you will need since your personal needs might be different from someone else's.

Be sure to not only pack the gear but also know how to use it. Practice starting a real fire with your fire making equipment. Know how to fish with any survival fishing gear. When stressed out and lost in the woods, you will have a hard time figuring out how to use these equipments for the very first time.
Learn basic first aid. While you won't be able to treat everything, there are certain things that can be done to make someone more comfortable and to prevent infection. Just simple skills alone can help if dangerous injuries occur.
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